I just CA STREET registered my 2001 YZ426!

It only took about three months frmm idea to reality. I can't even explain how happy i am. I wish i had friends that ride to share this with but since i don't i'll tell you all.

I read TT for months befor i bought my new 01 426 in Nov. of 2000 and feared that i would get a red sticker but figured 8month of riding was better than 12months on an xr. Purchased the bike, waited for the sticker to come in the mail. Five months later i hadn't gotten a pink slip or a sticker.

I finally realized that on the bill of sale that the salesman had mistyped my address. I went to the DMV in March and tried to explain to the nice lady that i had not yet recieved my "Green" Sticker for my motorcycle. 2 minutes and no money later i had a green sticker until june of 2002! I couldn't have been happier.

Well the time had finally come when i knew i would be getting a new sticker and figured that the RED one would be in the mail soon. Well I got another Green sticker but i've got the motard bug now so I took up searching on this site on how to street reg a 426. I decided to go the Vermont route.

I went to a DMV in Canoga Park CA and had a vin verification-easy as pie. The DMV guy even filled out part of the Vermont registration. Sent Vermont my bill of sale and my pink slip along with $32.50 and 3 weeks later i got a vermont plate and a temporary reigstration. Well, my title came about 3 weeks ago and i was all ready to go to the DMV but my Dakar kit wasn't working.

I got my Dakar Kit from ups this mornign and proceded to put it on and ride the canyons of LA. Rock store, neptunes net, Thousand Oaks Yamaha, etc. When I got the nerve, I took my Vermont title to the AAA to transfer it per TT.

Bad Idea! The girl had only transfered one bike before. She went by the letter. ON the DMV form 343 it asks for a "Federal Certification label" to agree with the VIN. She couldn't find the label, I "Didn't Know" What that was-Bad Idea! She got the mangaer, he told me that label was on my bike somewhere, most likey under the seat. I told him the bike probably doesn't have one, he said i Was questioning his expertise and i should go home and find the label. Right!

I took my 426 and myself to the local DMV 5 Minutes later and stood in line for a verification of the VIN. Low and Behold the same guy is there. He remembers me, likes my "Street" Bike and procedes to fill out DMV form 343 with the correct VIN, Engine # Federal labe checked, odometer of 9300! Miles as well as checking the Emissions box which indicates that my bike meets US EPA standards and California standards. 3 Minutes later I have a california License plate for $84!!!!

I lucked out, plain and simple- some how in the California DMV I am registerd as a green sticker bike and a licensed street vehicle.

Thanks to everone who did this first, it really helped.


-2001 Califronia Street legal YZ426

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Glad to hear of your good fortune. Welcome to the club. I just got my Yz400 registered in Michigan. It was a bit easier than what you had to go through. happy Dual sportin

did the same with my wr4 in 99

Be careful, the Gestapo may be monitoring the site.

Hey E.R.G,

What is the 8th character in your VIN#? If it's a 3 or a C then the vin is 'supposed' to be slated for the dreaded Red. Mine is a C and still somehow I got green also. Anyway, I saw an 00 the other day in CA with plates and I really want to give it a try. Sounds like your story is more luck than a repeatable system. I hope I'm so lucky...

Anyway what's the vin # on yours...just curious.



I do have a C as the 8th character and i also recieved a green sticker originaly in March of 01 and again this past April.

However, even though i lucked out with the dmv guy just checking the appropriate boxes, the transfer would have been legal otherwise, as i was transfering an out of state motorcycle title, which doesn't need a smog certificate in CA. Perhaps the process might have taken longer, but the results most likely would have been the same.

I really feel that I went about it the most legitamate way. I never filled out an forms by myself and alway went through the dmv.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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