suspension setup for BIG guys...

Since I am buying a YZ450 in a month and a half, I am giving my Dad my 426. I need to set the suspension up for him because he is a big guy @ 260lbs 6' 3" I dont think my .44 and 5.2 springs will cut it for him LOL.

My friend Matt gave my Dad some .48's and a 6.0 spring (that he took off the bike he bought) this should be fairly close for his weight. He is just a beginner rider, but I am sure after he gets a MX capable bike he will progress quickly.

I have the Gold Valves in the bike and I know RT's recommended stack is what are the "real world" big guys running? Probably cL50 cH50 right :) ? My Dad will appreciate your input! Thanks,


im not sure about the front but i believe i have .51 springs in the front and 6.0 or a 6.1 spring in the rear, from pro-action, eibach springs. it works alot better than stock springs but it still bottoms because i havent gotten the suspension valved for my weight yet, it has stock valving with springs for my weight. its real harsh, but springs before valving. :)

I ride desert not mx, and I am a beginner. I bought my bike from a 185lb desert racer. He had the suspension valved just before I bought it. He hated it, saying it was too harsh in the mid stroke. I found it to be perfect for me. It soaks up all of the small stuff, glides over the slow uphill rocks, and has never bottomed. The springs are too soft by most suspension tuning guides, but they work perfect for me. I am 300+ lbs, have .46 fork springs and 5.6 shock spring. I have the race sag set at 100mm or so, no static sag. Many have said you need static sag, I don't. I tried stiffer springs and it sucked. It would not take the small slow speed stuff at all. All that said, there are no triples in the desert. I would guess I would bottom some if I jumped the bike.

MX-Tech's site has a helpful section where you can plug in your weight and get a pretty good ball park figure of where to start.

Whoa...on some of those setups.... :)

I am a big guy too, 6'3" at least and 240lbs before gear. I use the .49 front springs and a 6.0 rear, using Race Tech Type2 far as valving stacks, gonna have to go and get my manual out...

But I like it stiff, I ride only MX and I love to jump, and I want the security of slamming something and riding away rather than being carried off the track LOL!

I think some other guys here will vouch for me, I put a hurting on suspension....but my modified and valved boingers take it like a champ. :D:D

Motoman, Id bet the springs would help, but I wouldnt worry too much about the valving. Seems like your POPS is a big dude, and being a big dude he's gonna plow right through your valve stack. Id back the clickers all the way out and swap the springs and give it a try!

Garrett, let me know what you end up with for your dad, because I will need to modify my suspension once I get more experienced.

Hey Mark,

I have a suspension spreadsheet on my website where you enter your weight and it tells you the recommended spring rates. Here is the link: Just enter your weight and it tells you the recommended spring rates. I am gonna run .48's in the front and 6.0 in the rear with my Dad and see how that works (.46 and 5.4 is stock) Let me know if you need help with your missing spoke. Later,


I am running racetech's .48 in the front and they are terribly soft, I am about 220. I would get something a little stiffer in the front.

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