PW50 Plastics

I am getting ready to get my daughter a CRF50, and hand down her PW 50 to my youngest son. I wanted to replace the plastics because they took a good beating while my daughter was leaning.

So far I have checked maier, acerbis, and ufo with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?



yamaha only.the stuff is pretty cheap.

Thanks guys, I'm going to a shop today anyway I guess I will just order it there.

Try Ronnie's for original stuff. Should be cheaper than your dealer.

Just a thought, maybe run the old plastic for the first few rides because the new plastic could be in for some abuse. To make the old plastic look a little better a common Yamaha trick is to heat the blue plastic with a torch or heat gun (careful, too much heat and you know what happens to plastic) and it will remove most of the white scaring on the plastic.

ebay... have kits for super cheap check it out

5 1/2 year old thread.

wow how did any 1 pick up a 6 year old thread

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