I need a set of stock 4.6 or 4.5 fork springs

The 426 ran 4.6 stock and the 450 runs 4.5

Anyone revalve their suspension and have a set laying around they could part with cheap. I want to make a woods setup for my 2000. I already got rid of my stock 4.6ers to another TT'er.

I'm also looking for a blown shock out of a pre '02 for the stock clevis.



i have the stock springs from my 04 wr450 if they will fit whatcha got to trade?

Check your PM's. :thumbsup:

They should fit. All the stuff I got is for a 426. I could trade some $$. $25 and shipping?

that sounds like a deal. emial me at raines820@direcway and we'll set it up.

I have 03 YZ450 springs.

They are yours if you want them.

did the 03 yz have 48mm forks? if so they wont fit in the 46mm.

The 03 are 46mm they springs will fit.

Beezer, I'm in No Jersey, Dumont.

Give me a $$.


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