'01 426 For Sale

Here is the facts guy's..............01 426 for sale.

The bike has, Tag T2 bars, Moose bark busters, Factory connection frame gaurds, Pro Works Racing suspension, & BK mod.

The bike has been used for Mx and has been mechanically taken care of, it has 420 total hours, It had 400 hours on it when I rebuilt.

(20 hours on new motor)

It was still running strong before I rebuilt it but I notice a small amount of compression loss, so to avoid a catastrophic failure I rebuilt because I don't beleive in running one till failure.

The rebuild included, new piston, cylinder, rings, wristpin, timing chain, and new gaskets.

Everything was miked and within tolerance before assembly.

This bike is strong !!!!!!!!!

I hope my new 450 is half the bike this one is, because this one has been Bullet Proof for me.

I rode it like I stole it and maintained it like it cost a million.

It has been ran exclusivly on VP C-12 race fuel.


Later, Jason




[ June 24, 2002: Message edited by: jaybird67k ]

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