Oil Flushing?

When doing an oil flush to get shaving out of the engine...Do you run the engine or just pour the oil in and drain it?

I am not sure but I think you put it in and kick it over a few times with the spark plug cap off. Just enough to get the shavings out of all of the cravies. Not for sure thou that just what my bud does.

What do you mean by oil flush?

If you want all the particles out it is best to run the motor for a bit to get it warm and stirred up. Then drain.

If you want to repeat this by adding new oil and draining again, I would add new, run to allow the oil to mix it up and get hot, then drain again.

Change the filter on the Third refill.

Well I have some metal shavings in my oil (98 yz400). So I have already pulled the covers, screens, etc...now I am to the point of flushing the rest out with oil before I test it. I didnt know if it was ok to start the bike or not...I have done a post search on this and there is very little about this topic. Also noticed some using kerosene to flush it before adding oil....

Metal Shavings?

Can you expland, perhaps it is simple wear and tear, I have the same but its minimul, the Magnet pics up most all but the aluminum is still viewable.

Why don't you just breakdown and purchase a magnetic oil drain plug? Works just fine for the rest of us and saves oil.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

I agree they are $10 bones on ebay. :thumbsup:

Before you panic, figure out if what you are seeing is normal. It is normal to see some small metal flakes in the oil filter at each oil change. It is not normal to see chunks or pieces in the filter. Are you seeing more than just flakes, or do you have any reason to believe that what you are seeing is not normal (did it suddenly start)?

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