T/T Comedy Hour

I have to say that I really enjoy visiting this site when I'm not riding..AND I RIDE! You got guys spending 400 bucks on sub frames to save a pound when they're probably 30 pounds over weight themselves, the burning question..why didn't Yamaha copy Honda?..I don't know about your track but there seems to be many more BLUE bikes then RED ones here at the Englishtown NJ "MX" track..and elsewhere..then there's guys dumping 2 cycle oil in their gas tanks, the "4 speed" thread that starts out "HOW LAME"..There's no one..I repeat, no one using 5th on a MX track...and this is what the YZ450 is meant to do..wanna ride the trails?? get yourself a WR and a GPS and get lost in the woods! How do you know your valves are bent? No compression sometimes? I love it but can't start it? I took my carburetor apart the other day? Well I got screwed? More 03 YZ450 details? How much does it really weigh?...Holy s#it..The list goes on..You dudes spend WAY to much time on your computers man and not enough time at the track!!!! It's all funny s#it though!! I love it and it is MEGA entertaining!!! You gotta get out there fellas and get balls to the wall man..it's the ONLY way!! Forget all the voodoo and the bolting on of thousands in extras...GET OUT AND RIDE YOUR MACHINE MAN!!!!..and stay off the computer!!!

As for the thread..."Where's EGOAHOLE"...WHO CARES!!! Here's a guy with WAY to much time on the computer and not enough time in the saddle...I SAW THE "EGOBAIL" VIDEO MAN!!! Maybe he finally hung up his keyboard and now he's out there honing his riding skills :)

Jackassovino speaks from the garage again. Welcome back my long lost troll. How is the macaroni?

Yoo, how ya doin' my Hill Billy Red Neck friend..How's your Civil War going? Yeah, it's over Bambi...WE WON! The macaroni is great but I can't for the life of me eat it while reading these T/T threads without chocking man! To funny!! My son & I will hit the track AGAIN tomorrow & Thursday and sometime during the weekend..Like I always say.."You gotta ride these machines, not argue about them..But I got a little time today to go a few rounds with ya :) ok....you're turn

I would be out there riding everyday if I could. Unfortunatly I have to work and the track that I ride is over an hour away. My track is only open on the weekends and Wednesdays anyways. I work unit atleast 5 everyday and that doesn't allow me to ride on those Wednesdays. I do try to take a half day once a month to ride on Wednesdays, but when you leave work early with your bike in the back of the truck the boss doesn't see it the same way as I do. On the weekends the wife also needs my time and I love my wife and would like to keep her and spending all day Saturday and Sunday is not the way to do that. So I do the closest thing I can to riding, I talk about it, learn more about my bike (this being my first dirt bike) and try to learn from those who have ridden longer and more than myself.

Ok Oregon...Gee, I feel your pain man! Seems to me with your schedule, the track's schedule, your bosses attitude and the undying love for your wife you'll never have time for "yourself" and do the things "you" enjoy...unless of course talking about MX is enough for ya..Hey I got it man..Pi$$ on your boss, get rid of the wife, move into a trailer right around the corner from an MX track...There! You're cured...Next....

Hey Bambi....

Just curious man...What's it feel like to date your sister man? Hey, we all live in this great country of ours but I just don't understand this accent you guys got down there and where it comes from! Could it be from years of in-breeding? :)

REMEMBER...You started it dude..now it's time to finish!

Man, I don't know about other people, but I use 5th gear on my track a lot, and most of the time when desert riding.

If you look at this thread so far that you have started this monday morning you will notice that you are one whom it seems has nothing to do. Since you are obviously not driving your big rig today, it strikes me as hypocritical that you are complaining about others not riding and spending too much time on the computer which is exactly what you seem to be doing. But anything less from you and I would be disappointed. I have always wondered why so many people compare Yankees to the english. Now I have realized it is because you both talk alot but don't say much. Once again I am perplexed as to why you seem to assume that everyone of us living in the south is a inbred redneck. I refuse to rehash this whole thread which we already had a few weeks back. You are obviously the one with too much time on your hands and not riding enough because you are the one who is trying to start arguments here on a functional and helpful website. Your kind is not welcome here. I can understand how burning up the open road isn't exactly a mentally stimulating job, but please take your inadequacies and attitude elsewhere.

Bambislayer, I guess you said it all! Sometimes however it's best just to ignore them. When they get no response they go elsewhere.

Seems like you have a TON of time to be on the cpu reading threads and ripping people for spending too much time on the cpu.......Pretty HYPOCRITICAL!.....

I don't even know you and I am sure that your attitude doesn't represent the rest of the east coast riders, but you sure have a crappy and opinionated attitude!

If you don't like us or this website, then why are you on here in the first place?

How did you find TT.........on a CPU maybe????

Must have been one of those days you were actually EMPLOYED and on the bosses cpu!

Where do you get all of your time off and still afford to buy a bike for yourself AND your son?

I am sure your son loves the hell out of you and really appreciates the fact that you get to go riding 3 days a week but some of us don't have the pleasure of having HIGH paying jobs like you do as a "trucker"!

I envy you ....!

You aren't divorced by any chance are you ?

How old is your kid to be able to ride 3 days a week he must not be old enough to go to school yet, because you SURELY would have him in school to get a education so he can get a GREAT job like yours!

You sound like you are very educated and have changed my mind about cpu's and especially this website.

No one on here should be on here DAMN IT!!!!

<font color=red><h2>Get off of the cpu, tell your boss to screw off, quit your job, go to the court house and file for divorce, get a lawyer to help you get 2 wkends a month with your kids, pack up your gear and park your trailer near the MX track so you can ride 3 times a wk!

Oh yeah don't forget the coleman stove and a cell phone so you can cook dinner in your NEW home and call your buddies to tell them how much you ride now that you have SCREWED up your life and the rest of your families LIFE!</h3>


We love HATERS!!!

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!


What do you mean get off your computer and go riding???

I am at work! This IS my job! I talk with T-Talker's and make MONEY for my ride!

How do you make er, (steal) money to support yourself? I know the mentality.

Now, put down that copy of wife beater magazine and crawl around on the floor of that trailor and see if you can find that tooth!

p.s. Motoman- com'on, lets not compare people that were born with an afflication to someone that was obviously cant deal with the fact hes just a blissful moron.

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Somebody reads Fark.com


426Sludge -

What is your malfunction dude? You are a piss poor representation of NJ and I ask that you change your location in your profile so as not to embaress the rest of us anymore.



"p.s. Motoman- com'on, lets not compare people that were born with an afflication to someone that was obviously cant deal with the fact hes just a blissful moron."

Sorry, Motoman... Poor taste on the Special Olympics post. 'Tis been deleted. I have two young boys myself and I thank God that they are happy and healthy. Not all parents are this fortunate and it is possible that a fellow TT'er with a Downs child may read your post. Sorry to be the "buzz-kill"... :)


I think what happend was a sledge hammer fell outa one of those really tall buildings and hit that jackass on the head!

Motocross is counter culter enough without people like this guy attracting attention.

Sledge you need a long swim in the hudson.

Sludgehummer, next time I see you pushing that 18-wheeler down the rode remind me to flip you the bird and cut you off. :)

Sorry, I didnt mean to offend anyone. I found that pic on a 4x4 forum. Later,


STIR the pot and get out of the kitchen??????????? :)

Must be out riding!LOL

Or pullin a truck load of BS out to the farm!

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Well, lets see here....he likes weights, the heavy bag, mechanics, and he is a garage dweller. He is a member of Teamsters Local 701 has driven a truck for 19 years.

Need I say more!!!!


Just out of curiosity, how does a trucker go to the local track 4 times a week?

Shouldn't you be in Arkansas or Utah by Wednesday?

Oooohhh....I guess that's the union-shmoonion coming in there to protect that!

Nah, seriously, riding does indeed help, but so doesn't watching, talking, and taking it all in. I'd love to ride every day, or even twice a week!! By the time I get out of work, could load up, and get to the track, it would be late enough I'd not have gotten to eat, rest, or just flat out sit down from my day of work. I'm not a professional motorcycle racer, so I ride when I can, (usually every weekend) and if I can, during the week whenever possible, but that is rare!

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