ridgeback pivot pegs?

anyone have any experience with these? australian made,they look pretty decent. whole peg pivots fore and aft about 20 deg. or so on a spring loaded shaft! $299 though,kinda steep! their website is full of magazine quoates and pro rider testimonial? i found them through the W.E.R. page.

I considered buying a set of those hoping it would resolve this issue (TRASHED SOLE) I ended up not going with them and buying a better set of boots (Tech 8's.) :thumbsup:

what was your thoughts on them? judging from their video they move rather easily,i emailed them to see if there were stiffer springs available no reply yet. do you think they would work with you or maybe throw you off balance?

I emailed them last year and they said you get used to them really quick and once you have them you'll never go back. I decided to pass on them at the time but I may try them in the future. If you decide to go with them, let us know how they work out. :thumbsup:

ddialogue, I guess all you do is either ride or view TT given the wear in your boots. :thumbsup::awww:

I wish I could get mine to look like that !!! :lol:

I ride a lot but for some reason, am harder on boots than most guys. My Tech 8's are going through the soles now too. Time to have them fixed. I might try a set of these pegs if the Sidi Flex Force soles don't hold up... :thumbsup:

I had a set on my 2003 DRZ 400 & they were great. Easier to change gear and use the rear break, and good grip. I am currently waiting for online ordering to come up on the new website, so I can order the new titanium version for my WR 450.

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