how to fix carbon fiber?

i damaged my cf ignition cover and i have a very tiny hole in it.what is the best way to seal it ?

JBWeld on the inside is the best way. You can touch up the cover with black or charcoal colored paint to hide the grey of the JBweld. I know a guy that used black silicone on a magnesium case a year ago and it is still there. I suppose either would work as long as the carbon fiber isn't too dammaged.

How to repair CF? Take the cover to any surfboard repair shop and tell them to laminate a carbon fibre or glass fibre disc on the inside of the cover - 2 layers of 8 oz cloth should do the trick. They should use epoxy laminating resin if they have it but polyester will work too. Clean the inside of the cover with acetone first and sandpaper the hole on the inside until its smooth and the area where the patch is to be laminated is roughened.

Once cured, a little bit of clear polyester resin (sanding or wax resin - which is used by the surfboard guys) can be applied to the outside to build uop the depression. This can finally be sanded until smooth and then the whole outer cover can be buffed. You will then have an invisible repair.

I ride a WR 250f but build carbon fibre products as sideline business - nuclear engineer by profession. Hope this helps!

If possible a simpler repair would be to apply a fine chopped carbon fibre / epoxy blend to the affected area after scuffing and cleaning with mek or acetone. Sand with progressively finer paper for looks after cured. Although it will adhere, the rule is typically epoxy is ok onto polyester, but polyester will eventually disbond from epoxy. Like resin are not a problem.


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