Moose Magnectic drain plug

What is the moose magnetic drain plug part number for a 2004 YZ450F? Is it M0103?

Well it looks like there isn't one out for this bike yet. The zip ty one is on back order for 4 weeks from zip ty. Does anyone know where I can get a magnetic drain plug from?

how well does the magnetic drain plug work in getting out all the metal shavings? im about to change my oil for the first time and dont really know what to expect. any suggestions if there were a lot shavings in my oil as to what i should do?

get a ndfeb rare earth magnet, 1/4 inch cylinder by 1/4 inch long, drill out your existing drain plug, and epoxy it in. why spend more. i can supply for about $2.50 plus shipping, i have been using mine for some time. reply to

Does anyone know where I can get a magnetic drain plug from?

You could try GYT-R (Yamaha's in-house tuning company). I've got a magnetic drain plug from them on my YZ450F.

or you could save fifteen bucks and get a magnet from me and drill your original plug. no concerns about fit, or anything else.

phil the limey cop :thumbsup:

It's most likely the same as the one for the 400/426.

Moose said that they don't have one yet for the 450's, so something must be different.

check ebay auction #5906889971

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