oil dripping from reservoir hose...

i allready asked it before, but im still worried...

every time i ride the bike i can c that oil is dripping from the black hose on the ignition side of the bike? is it normal? its dripping all the time and specially when i ride it hard...

the bike runs and starts great and i dont c any other problems eccept this one....


Have you changed your oil? Most lickly yes. How much did you put in? Could you have over filed it?

Mine drips a little after a hard ride. Just enough to put a few drops on the floor of my van

Unless it is a lot (more than 100cc!!) Dont worry


Are you sure you have the right amount of oil in the bike? Check it right after running. Mine does when I overfill it.

Good luck,


You be alright my man :)

It's a breather hose, and oil gets thrown into it-totally normal.

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