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super moto wheels

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I have owned a drz400 for 12 yrs. now, but recently got a screaming deal on a dr650. I would like to convert the 650 to a supermoto wheel set. Does anyone have any advice on which sizes are best 17/17 or 17/19. And could also give me an idea as where to find the best deals, thanks.

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I converted an XT600 to 17/17 so my two cents:

go for 17/17 for sure, youll have the best choice of sticky rubber. not many gumballs in 19".

you cant go much over 140-150 in the rear as it will touch the swingarm.

"best deal"? as with many things, it depends.... lowest cost will be lacing new rims to your existing hubs, but then you are stuck with that wheel size

if you want to be able to swap wheels quickly, the you need another set. Second hand you could look for a set from a DRZ400SM.

For a new extra set, scroll towards the bottom of this link and have your credit card ready 😉


consider upgrading the front brake with a bigger disc. i run a 320mm that required also a bracket to move the caliper outwards.


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