Leaky oil line

I just changed oil and when I put the oil line back on (the one with the oil strainer attached) the fitting on the crankcase side leaks real bad now- I took it apart and cleaned it and made sure the oring did not fall out. I called 4 different dealers and no one has a new oring in stock, so I went to napa and found one that looks close, so I hope it works or I won;t be riding this weekend because of a stinking o-ring. Has anyone else had problems with this on there 03 yz450. I am glad I caught it because I lost a 1/4 of a quart in about 40 miles of trail riding.

I had the exact same thing recently. My problem was the attaching 8mm hex bolt was just slightly bent from some type of impact from below. The oil line and o-ring looked perfect, so I was really baffled for a while. I noticed the bolt was slightly bent when removing and putting it back since there was some added resistance at a certain part of the turn. I really didn't think it would do so much, specially since the line is softish aluminum and the bolt can be torqued pretty well making for a good seal. In despair I tried another bolt that was just a tad shorter and the problem disappeared. Phew! Hope this helps. Good luck.

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