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Hi there,

A few rides ago my 2019 430 RR Race Edition began to run strange after riding for 1 hour plus and then restarting. It would stutter cracking the throttle just above idle. And run like it was cold. It cracked and popped like it was lean. After running +10 min it would be fine again, but if I killed the engine it would begin again.

Also during this time, the bike would die when idling at warmup, usually I would just restart it 2-3 times and no issues once it was warm. Seemed to take forever to run right.

The problem has gotten worse, and now the bike wont run for more than a few minutes. Sometimes i can rev the hell out of it and it will run, but it wont idle for long. 

This problem did kinda coincide with me switching from my desert tank to the stock tank. Not certain how to check the fuel filter, pump, TPS, injector, etc. But am looking for advice!!!

Thanks in advance. Have all electrical test gear needed.

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Check fuel pressure.  Possible hose connection inside tank is loose in, but not secured.  Happens alot when tanks are swapped.

Later George

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