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Universal speedo/trip computer

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Found a 1995 DR350 for sale but missing the gauges. Need it to be street legal. Need recommendation for a universal trip computer anyone has had good experience with???

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i've fitted everything from 15$ bicycle speedos just to pass vehicle inspection to fancy +200$ MotoGadget ones.... all of them worked well, none made the bike go faster 🙂

so  whats is your budget?

most folks around here seem to prefer TrailTech stuff simply because they market themselves well, but not a must


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Could you use a phone with a speedo/odometer app mounted on the bars?

What I use for my speedo but my bike is road legal with out one and I only use it do not get busted for speeding.


The actual OEM odometer is behind it but this is just a basic speedo app the is very accurate cus I've tested it  against a number of road radar checks and for example it says I'm doing 80 KMs and the app shows 80 KMs exactly.

Anyway if the front wheel has the connection to a speedo/odometer most of not all the old schools ones that use a cable would work with the correct cable but could be a hassle fabbing everything.

Just a suggestion and hope the phone works.

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