I took my carburetor apart the other day and....

wouldn't you know it, but the guy that sold it to me lost the spring, washer, and o-ring for the pilot screw. I was wondering why the idle would hang a little. I think this must be the air leak that caused it to. My question for you guys is I cannot locate part numbers for those pieces and am curious if you know what they are? Thanks.

Apparently no one knows. Sudco sold me the screw, spring, washer, and grommet but there were three choices of threads for the FlatCR (don't tell them FCR, FlatCR). I told them to send me the most common and it worked fine.

Kouba sells a t-handle for the existing screw or a new screw with a built-in t-handle. Buy that and get the t-handle for free.

Good luck,


p.s., I probably still have the shipping bill from Sudco but not sure I could find it. If you don't get Kouba's and Sudco gives you the runaround, PM me and I'll go look for part numbers.

On www.troy-racing.com the screw, spring, washer, and o-ring are sold together for 24 bucks. You might have to buy them all if you want to use the stock screw.

thanks for the info i will try it.

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