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I have never had any kind of riding gear other than a full face street helmet that I use. I would like to get some of those hard boots, but dont know which ones to get. You guys have any other suggestions on which gear could help prevent me from getting injured in the event of a crash ? I do not want to go hard core, I just do easy stuff like half street and half trails with some dirt.


Do you have access to the same gear we can get over here??

I ride in;

Alpinestar Tech 8s and swear they are one of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn.

When you say 'hard' boots...do you mean like the Sidis?

Good luck!

I really didnt mean hard boots, just good riding boots that would be confortable and protect me in an accident. I am from the US and fly here, I go down to Peru to see my wife and to ride just about every week. Peru is dual sport paradise ! I will be posting some pictures soon. Anyways there isnt [@#$%&*!] available in Peru, so I just buy it all here and take it with me. I took my XR600R in parts in 3 trips as checked baggage :thumbsup: Saw the pic of you and that latina, damn she was fine :awww: Also looked at your homepage, really cool and well done. No motorcycle pics posted yes on my page, but they are comming soon ! Its


Ahhh... Si Senior... Comprendo ahora.

And si.. mi esposa was muy flaka Y bonita... pero un pain in my ass (CULO!)!


I have to agree with Johnnie about the Alpinestars. I have the Tech 6 and they are the most comfortable boots I have worn as well (that padding around the ankles is great :thumbsup:). How about some of the over boot pants like the Thor Ride (they're kind of low key) and a jersey, knee pads and an under the jersey chest protector. I use O'neal Hardware (not over the boot type) most of the time and Acerbis Impact vented gear when it's hot. I buy a lot of gear for my kids and some for myself from rockymountainmc.com and motorcyclecloseouts.com Both have good prices and great customer service.

My kids wear mainly Thor, Answer and MSR gear and it's held up well - they haven't thrashed it yet and they crash a lot. Hope this helps. Your pics of Peru are great :awww: - I would love to travel down there someday.

I downloaded this picture of Johnny Airtime jumping, all I can say is oh my gawd !!! :thumbsup: The only thing I can picture saving Johnny at this point is him deploying his parachute the instant after this picture was taken .. :awww:


Im going to get a pair of Alpine Star tech 8 boots off ebay. I wont be able to try them on before I buy, I wear a 10 and a half shoe... Should I buy a 10 and a half boot ? Are the sizes the same as normal shoes ?


That was 1995.. the day before New Years Eve.... I had been out of riding for 3yrs with Tropical Fish Tank Syndrome and decided it was time to ride again. I bought a Banshee back from a friend who I had sold it to... then thought "this sucks" as I've ridden 2 wheels most my life. SO I bought a CR250. Hated it since I also had a CR500 before my Fish Tank ordeal... SOOoo.... I talk 2 friends into going to Glamis with me, they could ride my Banshee and CR250... and I'd ride my 3 day old 500.

Well... there it is after 3 days at Glamis. Knobbie tire... (I hated guys who used paddles back then... I thought they were ... uhhh, gay!).

The next day JEff Emig and a couple other superstars came over and did a similar jump. Where I was landing (into a large bowl)... was where they'd build up speed for the other jump. SO think about it this way, I could theoratically jump (as pictured) into a bowl... and stay on the gas to do it again out of the next bowl.... SO I tried it on New Years Eve, the day after this jump pictured.

I had slowed a tad on the way up and out of the other bowl, after completing this jump... that "tad" was to not G out at the bottom of the bowl as I came up the face. And that "Tad" was a tad too much... I didn't make the distance and landed on the face of the other dune... breaking my ankles, ribs and ripping some embryotic sack in my head.


I just go big when the cameras come out!! :thumbsup: How do you think I got "Johnny Airtime"??? :lol: (Roger Wells is the Stunt guy who calls himself Johnny Airtime... and used to ride a CR500... but there's no relation).

By the way - Parents house, center of the living room floor for a looooong time. Couldn't move due to the ribs, and couldn't walk... (notice the urinal hospital thingy) :awww:


Try a size 11...

Tech 8's have the inner booty... and allow for some breathing room. I also wear a 10.5 and have 11 boots. That booty is the best thing known to man kind!!

OH... and to make sure you all don't look and think about this picture... it's EDITED to make me look higher. But... the rest are all real! This is the only "edited" or "retouched" picture (the one with the name and date on it). If you look closely... you can see where I cut out the bike from the original.


Here's a link to some nice riding boots for casual dirt/dualsport use..


Also do a search for Hebo boots, made for trials use, but plenty good on the trail.

I have the Tech 6 and they are the most comfortable boots I have worn

My wife swears by her Tech 6's in terms of comfort and so do many folks. I've only tried on Tech 6's and never ridden with them, but they initially felt more comfortable than my Tech 8's and appear to be a great boot. My Sidi Tae Flex boots have been the most comfortable out of the box boots I've ever worn and I like them better than my Tech 8's in terms of comfort, fit, performance, buckles, definitely better resistance to water, etc, but unfortunately the Sidi Tae Flex boot aren't made anymore. The newer Sidi Force Flex boots appear to also be a great top of the line boot with as good or better protection than the Tech 8’s, but my Tae Flex boots felt better to me initially. While I do like my Tech 8's, they took a much longer time to break in, are bulkier, don't have as good of resistance to water leaking in through the top, the buckles are more finicky, and they have a much fatter toe than my Sidi's, which makes shifting more difficult. I also wore out the sole 'much' quicker on my Tech 8's than on my Sidi's, but I hear Alpinestar has supposedly improved the longevity of their soles in the last year or so. I kid you not, I wore my Tech 8 soles out in half a summer, had them resoled with factory soles and wore them out just as quickly. In terms of customer service, Sidi wins this game hands down as far as I'm concerned after dealing with both Alpinestar & Sidi on several occasions. One of the popular boot repair places I've dealt with (Sole Performance) actually uses & recommends Sidi soles as an upgrade when repairing Tech 8's and they told me this upgrade is quite popular with existing Alpinestar customers. I just recently acquired a set of Gaerne SG10's, but I've only worn them around the house and haven't ridden with them. The SG10's are also more comfortable than my Tech 8's in terms of initial feel and so far I like them better than my Tech 8's in terms of initial / comfort, better buckle design, better water resistant seal, etc. They look to be at least as good as the Tech 8’s in terms of quality and they also appear to offer excellent protection. I don’t think a person could go wrong with any of these boots as they’re all top of the line.

If you’re still deciding on which boots to buy, do some googling around because there’s several boot reviews floating around and lots of opinions here on TT about all these boots and more.

Here's a very interesting article on boots from an orthopaedic surgeons point of view in addition to some testing.


I wear a 9 1/2 shoe and went over to New Enough in Texas to try the Tech 8 boots on before buying. I bought size 10. I pulled the gel pads out of one boot and they fit so nice. They do take a bit to break in.......I walked a mile a night for 5 nights in them. Voila! No missed shifts and I can wear them all day.

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