Moose Run !!

I just got back from vacation. Went to Marquette Michigan last week and rode most of the trail that they are gonna use for the enduro. Man is my bike / gear / body beat up. Rode some "AA" trail. Nasty stuff. Rocky uphills, Ruts, Roots, tree crosings, Wicked.

I had the time of my life. Rode about 200 milies of single.

I was just countin up the bruises on my arms. I think that I am at around 5 black and blue marks, one nice gash on my arm. And a seirous case of monkey butt.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. I hate loggers. They clear cut the trees and level our trail in the process. I rode through about 2 miles of it. My yz was steemin hot by the time we got out of there.

Otherwise I had a great week. But the black fly's were horible.

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