WR450FVs. XR650R

I'm new to riding on the dirt, but have been riding streetbikes off and on for the past 17 yrs. I'm looking to get either a XR650R or a WR450F and then adding a dual sport kit. Any opinions as to one bike or the other? I searched around on the site, but didn't find too much. If anybody has any experience with both rides, or even just one, I'd love to hear your opinion.

I'm more concerned with power, and ride-ability off road than I am with on road comfort as I have a streetbike for long hauls already. I'm 6'3 and 210lbs if that comes into play.

Thanks for the help.

The XR is tough to toss around in the woods. On open trails it is a killer though. The WR is light compared to the BRP (Big Red Pig) and the engine feels much more nervous... The XR torques, the WR revs... On the street I would prefer the XR. I would prefer the WR almost everywhere else.

I've spent a lot of time on my buddies XR650R and I agree with Math. If you are going to ride it much on the street, the XR is better.

How about reliability? I've heard the Honda referred to as very reliable, but not so with the Yamaha?

I own a 2004 wr 450 and the 1994 xr650l. I ride mostly trails in the winter and when I have to we move to the coast. I myself are 6' 240lbs and found the Honda very reliable but also very heavy... almost to heavy for the coast I've never weighed it but I'm thinking somewhere around 320, the wr they say is 245. The power is roughly the same but they deliver it totally different. Both bikes are great but it depends on what your riding preferences are and what you want to do.

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