which clarke tank color?

To make a long story short, I'm opting for the clarke tank and if I can get the dealer to replace the stock one I will sell the new stock model unused. My question is, which blue to get to match an '01 stock color? Is it "blue" or "reflex blue"? I assume reflex blue but I'm not positive.

Link to Clarke tank for YZF (stock size)

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yes a guy that rides with us got the same tank and he got "reflex blue" perfect match :)

I just got my clarke tank in last week and reflex blue matches perfect ($172 total..much thicker than a stock tank, and cheaper too) Later,


Thumpalot, I've got a blue Clarke tank, new graphics, factory effects soft seat with graphics I'm looking to trade for an 01 or 02 YZ tank and seat if your interested.

Oops, I just noticed that you want stock size...mines 3.2

Mr Toyz


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