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Dean Leek

1985 Suzuki DR 125 Timing

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Hello all,

I have been having real trouble getting my 1985 Suzuki DR125 to work.

I got it as a non-runner with the intention of getting it going.

It had been standing for a long time before I got it.

I fitted new cylinder, piston, wrist pin, rings etc. it also has new plug, carb, carb boot and air filter.

The bike has good compression - I think it was 150 psi.

Right now the bike will start and run for a little while (maybe a minute of so) before it stops and then it becomes very hard to restart.

Sometimes it backfires through the carb at the point that the engine cuts out.

I am wondering if the timing is off a bit?

The reason I say this is because when I was reassembling the engine I struggled to understand the timing.

The manual shows two marks on the end of the cam shaft which should be horizontal with the engine casing. 

My cam shaft has this helical gear installed (which I think drives a Tachometer - not that this bike has one)

Before disassembly I did mark stuff with a sharpie, but don't really know what i am doing. i could easily be off by a tooth or so.

I want to strip it down again to double check.

From the photo can anyone see any timing mark?

any advice or comments are appreciated.




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