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Successful repair of a stock DRZ400 speedometer

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Hey all, thought Id post this experience I had repairing a stock DRZ400 speedo in case its useful to someone. 

I dropped my bike a few times in the dirt and shortly after the speedo started screwing up. The display would flicker on and off and eventually stopped displaying completely. The display wouldn't light up at all when the ignition was on. 

I found the display would come on if I pressed the power cable up into the speedo housing. If I released the pressure, the display would go off again. So clearly it was an issue with power and the problem was up inside the speedo. 

I removed the speedo from the bike and took it apart. I found that one of the power cables going into the white block (red arrow in image.1) had broken at the point where it connected to the circuit board. I took it to an electronics repair shop, and they were able to add an extension to the wire (yellow arrow), run it around the edge of the circuit board and solder it to the appropriate point on the other side. They tested it for shorts and it was all good. It worked straight away when I reinstalled the speedo on my bike. 

So if your speedo stops working it might be worth having a look at this before spending money on a new aftermarket speedo.
It only cost me AU$70 to have this done and if you have your own soldering equipment even better 👍







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