Dis-located shoulder jumping

Flying guitars,

The most important muscles in the shoulder are those that comprise the rotator cuff. These do not JUST allow you to rotate your arm, they hold the ball (on the top of your arm) tightly against the shallow socket in the shoulder blade. Therefore, the strength of the rotator cuff is the primary source of stability in the shoulder joint.

To strengthen do internal/external rotations: either against a cable or by lying on your side and lifting a light weight. Proper form is arm bend 90 deg, elbow tight against ribs, rotate hand externally/internally against load, range of motion should be as far as possible without taking elbow away from its position tight against ribs.

My experience with shoulder injuries includes three broken collorbones, a broken shoulder blade, a torn rotator cuff, and shoulder reconstructive surgery. I'm 45 years old and can still ride, barefoot waterski and do anything else I want without fear of shoulder pain. However, I still do rotator cuff exercises regularly, because if I stop: eventually--after a few weeks/months-- my shoulder starts getting tender and injury prone.

Go for it.


i would like to know in case it ever happens to me, how do you put your shoulder back in by yourself or do you have the paramedics do it at the track?


Thanks alot...I'll start tonight. Right now as I sit here, if I rotate my arm externally, I can feel some weak pain in the lower back portion of my shoulder (right above the top of my lat)...Amazing!!! I dont feel any pain unless I do the motion that you describe...It must really target the rotator cuff as you described. Thanks for your help.


I was able to reach around behind my back and grab my left wrist/forearm and pull with my right hand. It jumped right back into place. I had no idea what I was doing. I was just trying to ease the pain. I did it while I was walking off the track. It felt like I had a knife in my shoulder and somebody was twisting it whenever my arm made the slightest move from walking. I was able to load my bike into my truck afterward, but during the ride home the other injuries started to really surface...And the next day....Ouch!!!


I took a bad fall after getting the back-end sideways. I was clearing this big tabletop all day and then I took a different line up it on my last lap of the day (little did I know it really was the last lap!!)and got all jacked in the air. I landed with the front-end pointed forward but the rest of the bike sideways and then rebounded the opposite way and I was thrown into a dry clay-like berm. I landed hard like a friggen sack of potatoes on my left side and dislocated my left shoulder, bruised my kidneys and liver and fractured my right heel. I must have bruised my hip bone and femur because my hip and leg area are were black/purple for almost 2 weeks.

Anyway, I was able to pop my shoulder back in at the track and the massive shoulder pain almost disappeared instantly. Now Im almost ready to ride again but Im worried that this shoulder is gonna jump out on the first little fall. Ive been lifting super light weight with really high rep (like 40 reps) and I was wondering if anybody out there has any good tips for getting a dislocated shoulder back into shape. Oh yea...when it popped out, it went forward and down. Thanks,


If this is the first time you have dislocated it, the docs might try 4 weeks in a sling then some rehab to see if it heals up.

Unfortunately the doc I went to the first time was an idiot and did not tell me this. Mine has now been out a total of 4 times, the last time from a low side at the track that just bumped the shoulder on the ground. Would not be a problem with a normal shoulder.

So now I am getting surgery on the 19th to get my labrum reattached, then I should be as good as new in 4 months.

Good luck!


I have an issue with my rear end kicking out too, still havent figured out what causes it, both times have ended in pretty nasty crashes. The best part is being in the air and feeling it come around on you, and knowing that its going to hurt and that you cant do anything about it.

Flying guitars,

I remember reading of a surgical technique developed to get high-priced pro ball-players back in the game (quickly) after dislocating a shoulder. This involves shrinking the stretched shoulder ligaments to tighten up the joint and restore stability. The shrinkage is caused by heat generated frome a radio-frequency probe. Today, I did a web-search and came up with the attached link that is a good overview of the procedure. http://www.hughston.com/hha/a_13_3_5.htmweb page</a>

Good luck,


I dislocated my shoulder 16 times before I had surgery to correct it. It has been 3 years now and it still hurts and I have strength issues but it has stayed in place with no problem. If you are wondering how I did it 16 times then pick a instance and I did it. It even happened 2 times in my sleep, throwing a hatched playing basket ball falling off a ladder swiming blah blah blah. The best way I found for myself to get it back in is to bend over and relax and slip my foot over the inside of my hand and put pressure on by starting to stand up. It took about 8 dislocations before I figured that one out. The best one was on top of Gravel Mountain in Colorado about 30 miles from civilization. OOOOOOuuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh.

I've dislocated my shoulder SEVERAL times (4 times playing hockey, once swimming, twice playing lacrosse, once riding mx and once while sneezing) The moral of this story is this, as soon as my shoulder started feeling a little better, I'd go right back to doing the same stupid things that got me hurt in the first place. If you don't give it time to heal, it won't. I ended up having a surgey, called a Bankhart repair. Where they tighten the ligaments in the joint to prevent it from slipping out. I lost alot of strength, and rotation, but it hasn't popped out since. It is sore most every morning, and all day if it's humid. If I run a hard moto I'm usually in a lot of pain. If you can wait a few weeks for it to heal, do so. If you don't you might be living with it nagging you for the rest of your life. Good luck.

Originally posted by milz:

If you are wondering how I did it 16 times then pick a instance and I did it.

Did it happen when you were "fooling around" with your chick? :)

It happened to me!

ooh, oooh,...aaaahhh SH!T.

the first thing for a dislocated shoulder is immobilize, immobilize, immobilize, for 4-6 weeks. All the muscles and ligaments in your shoulder are streched out and need time to heal. I know it might feel good, but put it in a sling and don't move it. The bad news is it will never be the same, you WILL have problems in the future. After you rest it, re-hab with weights will help.

I did not take care of my first dislocation. After 2 years of dislocations I had surgery, the Bankart procedure (the Orel Hershiser surgery). I had it in 1993 after multiple dislocations and eventually a broken hand after my shoulder popped out on a whoop section at Glen Helen. Last summer I had a dislocation on my other shoulder and properly rested it for 4 weeks and now I have no problems (racing, wakeboarding, surfing, etc.)

As far as popping it back in..it just depends on how it's dislocated, relax and try to rotate the shoulder, some are easy to get back in and some require a doctor and a lot of cussing. The pain associated with a dislocated shoulder is intense, and the soreness the day after is hell.

Sorry for the long post...bottom line rest it and re-hab (if it still pops out have it repaired right away)


Thanks for all the good advice. Im going to rest the shoulder for the next few weeks. In the meantime....its really hot here and I was looking on the yamaha website at those sport jet boats....looks like I could get a speed fix and take the wife and kids too...lol

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