Stock Air Filter?

What do you guys think? Should I even bother running the bike with the stock filter? or should I go straight to the Twin Air?

I'd go straight to a twin air. I love mine! :thumbsup:

You could get a 2nd filter and use them both. I have 3 for my 250 and 2 for my 450. When I clean them and oil them it's all at once. Actually makes it simpler and I usually have a spare clean, oiled and ready to go.

first a tampon, next a diaper, then try not to rip out the stitches kicking it. remember always refil your ridlin befor getting the filter

The stock filter is actually pretty good. I used mine for about 2 years before it got worn out, never had any dirt or dust past the filter and I ride in some pretty nasty dirt here in S. FL. When I replaced it I went with another stocker. :thumbsup: I'm not sure why stock parts still have a bad name, most stock parts these days are pretty good parts (save for the bars and chain).

I agree with sirthumpalot the stocker is pretty darn good. The most important thing to remember is just to have a fresh and clean one before you ride. I change mine about every practice session or every race moto. I have 14 spare filters ready to go. I uesd to run twinair's until a new product called Ready filter. They are brand in preoiled and high quality new in the package. AND GUESS WHAT THEY ARE ONLY $9.95 NEW!! the website is if you want to check it out for your self. There is not difference performance wise from the Twinair to the Ready filter. Like dude you got to check it out!!! Oh yeah and NoToil is by far the best filter cleaner!! :awww::thumbsup:

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