I have a 99 WR400, and I was wondering is there a gasket of some sort between the header pipe and the muffler side, where the connection is made with the clamp? The reason I ask is mine leaks at that point. I've tightened the clamp but it still leaks..... :thumbsup:

I forgot to mention I have the stock header pipe, with a White Bros E series silencer......

Yes there is a gasket. If it leaks you may find alot of backfiring when you get back on the throttle. Although your bike is a 99', TTr's dread backfires. WR Dave. :thumbsup:

Will a leak like this rob the bike of power or is it insignificant?

Match that WB silencer to a WB tapered head pipe and you wont need a gasket plus you'll gain significant low and midrange power...

yeah there is a gasket between the two, its better to replace it or you get a lot of popping on deceleration. i had the same problem on my bike, the yamaha part costs around $20 in OZ

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