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Front brakes

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I did too much research on brakes. Ive been working on my front brake recently and trying some different setups to get what I'm looking for. I got bored last night and did some research and came up with some interesting information and did some calculations for the hydraulic advantage of different caliper and master cylinder combinations. This does not take into account lever offset. Im not 100% sure all the nissan calipers are compatible if you swap hangars.

Master Cylinders                   Size in mm                 Area

Stock YZF 07+                        9.54                            6.88

Honda                                     11                               54.28

Brembo KTM 09+                 9                                  44.41

Brembo KTM 05-08             10                               49.35



Caliper Pistons                      Size in mm                 Total Area

Stock 19 YZF                          22.65                          223.55

20 YZ450F                             25.4                            250.69

RMZ                                        26                               256.61


YZF 01-06, All WR250R

Pre 20 CRF, All KXF               27                               266.48


2020 CRF450R                      27,30                          281.28



Mechanical Advantage  


Stock MC        9.5mm

Caliper                                    Caliper piston Area   Advantage

Stock                                       223.55                                    4.77

20 YZ450F                             250.69                                    5.35

RMZ                                        256.61                                    5.47


YZF 01-06, All WR250R

Pre 20 CRF, All KXF               266.48                                    5.68


2020 CRF450R                      281.28                                    6.00



Brembo 05-08 MC    10mm

Caliper                                    Caliper piston Area   Advantage

Stock                                       223.55                                    4.53

20 YZ450F                             250.69                                    5.08

RMZ                                        256.61                                    5.20


YZF 01-06, All WR250R

Pre 20 CRF, All KXF               266.48                                    5.40


2020 CRF450R                      281.28                                    5.70



Brembo 09+ MC        9mm

Caliper                                    Caliper piston Area   Advantage

Stock                                       223.55                                    5.03

20 YZ450F                             250.69                                    5.64

RMZ                                        256.61                                    5.78


YZF 01-06, All WR250R

Pre 20 CRF, All KXF               266.48                                    6.00


2020 CRF450R                      281.28                                    6.33



Honda MC      11mm

Caliper                                    Caliper piston Area   Advantage

Stock                                       223.55                                    4.12

20 YZ450F                             250.69                                    4.62

RMZ                                        256.61                                    4.73


YZF 01-06, All WR250R

Pre 20 CRF, All KXF               266.48                                    4.91


2020 CRF450R                      281.28                                    5.18


All this being said the yamaha Master cylinder has one of the smallest pistons making it one of the strongest however it seems to always develop a squishy feel. I was wondering if it may have something to do with seal design or material that gives too easily. I have considered ordering rebuild kits from various manufacturers to try out.

Anyone have any thoughts on any of this? I haven't played with or used the current brembo unit to see how firm it may be but I purchased a 10mm one form an 06 and it seemed as squishy as the stock yamaha on my 2019 no matter how many times I bled it. I inspected the piston and seals and it doesn't seem to be damaged in any way. Another random thought the newer yamaha's seem to have a similar design as what the Honda's used to have with the extended piston to help engage the brake sooner. Feel free to post some of your thoughts or observations you may have. Ill post more information or observations as i try some things. 

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Funnily enough, I was working on my front brake this morning, trying to sharpen it up. 

I've noticed on all the Yamaha's I've had that the front brake develops too much travel at the lever after a while.  I love the super-sharp way the brakes feel from new but I've never been able to restore that performance once the bike is a few years old.  I've tried changing the master cylinder piston and seals with genuine parts, changing the fluid, changing the slider pins on the caliper (wear on these can get quite bad), cleaning up the caliper and pistons, changing the disc and a whole list of different methods of bleeding the system.   So I'd love to know if anyone has come up with a solution.  My thinking now is that it's probably a combination of all the components in the system wearing or degrading over time, so not a simple change-one-thing type fix.

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