*** newbie Q.... YZ400, YZ426, WR4XX****

hey everyone im getting into dirt, tired of dealing with cops and tickets riding street.. cops have been cracking down really hard on our local riding spots and i dont want to deal with all the BS anymore... i have been riding street for 2 years now, pretty ,uch everyday i can and riden a little dirt on old 4 strokes and have 2 stroke experiance wiht karting... i at first was thinking YZ250f but at my size ( 185 lbs, 6'1") i thihk its a little small and ill probably out grow it pretty quick... do you guys think the YZ400/YZ426 or WR series would be better for my size?? and they are pretty close in price to the YZ250f anyways.... or any other bike suggestions would be great, how do you guys/girls like what you ride?? and im just getting into this so any suggestions or help would be appreciated!



first off what kind of riding are you gonna be doing? are you gonna race at your local mx park or are you gonna ride in the desert or somewhere like that? whatever you do dont buy a 2stroke. they are too much to deal with. i just bought an 04 yz450 and that thing huals. i am 6'1" 205 lbs and the power is just right for me. but i had an 03 yz250 so i know how to handle some power. i too had ?s about whether i should get the 250f. and my opinion about it is that it is underpowered. you should get the 450 and be done with it.

im going to mainly just be screwing around on trails and in parks, i dont plan on racing at least not any time soon... and i dont want to drop the money on a yz250f and be unhappy with the power and im sure i can be responsible with the larger 4XX's... and about the 2 strokes, i really dont want to deal with the rebuilds, mixing gas, fouled plugs, peaky powerband... i was a kart mechanic and that was plenty of 2 stroke maintenance for my life! now is there any difference between the 400 and 426 besides the displacement??? and for the WR and YZ is it just the difference in low end power between these bikes??

also for riding gear what brands do you reccomend??

thanks and sorry for the newbie questions. :thumbsup:

From what I've seen there are more differences than that between the WR and the YZ.

The WR has a headlight and a tail light, a lower first gear and a 5th gear higher than the 4 speed only YZ, a kickstand, electric start, and a motor with different timings to give more low-end torque.

There are a few free mods that have to be done to the WR to unlock the rest of it's power potential, but they are free.

I'm in the same boat as you. I just sold my FZ1 that I rode everday weather permitting. I'm just at a point in my life where I need to take a break from the street and motorcycling has become a really big part of my life that I'm not willing to give up. I rode in the dirt about 20 years ago and I'm thinking the dirt may be better suited to the style of riding I have always wanted to do.

I also decided the WR450f was better suited to the style of riding I want to be doing. I want to ride in pits and the woods, and learn to do long wheelies. Both of those requirements will be better served by the torque and the first gear of the WR. The YZ is more of a balls to the wall race machine.

You would be fine on either, but the WR just seems a little more multipurpose than the YZ.

And coming off a 130 rwhp sportbike, I figured I would get bored on anything less than the 450.

Hopefully i will order mine by the end of the week. :thumbsup:

Go with the 450. I am 175lb and I have a YZ450 and love it. I rode a yz250F at a local track and was not satisfied with the power. For your type of riding you would probably be better of with the WR. I used to have a WR, but I have started doing more MX racing so I went with the YZ.

I would highly recommend taking a riding class no matter what bike you get.

I can ALWAYS spot a newbie with a street bike background as they are sitting way back on the seat with their arms almost straight out. Rarely do they stand up. On jumps thye may get an inch or two of air between their butts and the seat while still maintaining the crouch and straight arms.

This posture/positioning is a good way to get hurt and takes a lot of fun out of riding.

I wouldn't necessarily throw out the 250f because of your size. Lots of guys your size and bigger ride 250f's and love them. It's all a matter of preference. Also, the 4xx power can be intimidating for a beginner. I'm not saying don't buy a YZ/WR 4XX. I have a 426 and love it for both track and trail, but I know I thought it was intimidating at first and I was coming off a YZ 250. Ultimately you have to decide how much power you need and can handle. I'm just saying the 250f may surprise you. If you can, try out both sizes.

As far as WR vs YZ is concerned, I would say unless you're racing or doing a lot of track riding (in which case stay with the YZ), you would be fine with either. I would look more for the best deal on a YZ or WR. Either bike can be tailored to your style.

Also, I think someone mentioned the WR has a 5 speed and the YZ has a 4 speed. This is only true of the YZ/WR 450. The 400/426 bikes both have 5 speeds although the WR 400/426 is a wide ratio transmission.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

I am an experienced street rider and have temporarily gave up street riding in lieu of dirt. Bought a 2 stroke Husky about 2 years ago and got a 00 YZ 426 this past October. It is a great bike. Can be very smooth or explosive depending on how much/fast you turn the throttle. I've ridden a few 250f's: one while I still had the Husky and one since I've been on the 426. After coming off the Husky, I was immediately comfortable riding a 250f. Very smooth power, not really explosive at any point which can inspire quite a bit of confidence. After coming off a 426, the 250f feels a bit underpowered, but still a capable bike. As a new dirt rider, I think you'd be better suited for a 250f and maybe upgrade after a year or so. The power of a big bore MX bike can get you into trouble real quick. :awww:

As for racing, I just started my first series this year. It is a blast! When I first got into dirt riding, I just figured I'd be putting around the woods on maybe some firebreaks and trails. The first time I got out on an MX track I knew I was hooked. I'm not that fast, but everytime I race I do a little bit better and still have lots of room for improvement which keeps it exciting. Racing or not, you can be a hooligan as much as you want on the dirt without worrying about the police. :thumbsup:

There is a lot of little differences between the WRs and YZ.

Subframes, suspension, fuel tanks, fenders, odometers, radiators, cams, cam timing, ignition mapping, kick stand, frame, gears, exhuast, rear wheel (18").

The WR is an offroad bike and should be kept there. It can do track, but compared to a YZ, it is not a track bike. The weight and suspension limit it not to mention the huge gas tanks!

If there is any track in your future, get the YZ. End of story, you will be happy. With the older 400/426s you still have the overdrive 5th gear and with stock gearing go 80+ MPH which is plenty fast for offroad. You will have to get use to the taller first gear, but with the top speed potential, you can gear down and not suffer to much off the top.

Now the 400s got updated each year. The 426 is the update on the 400s. larger motor (same stroke as the 400s, but same larger bore as the 450s), larger radiators, updated frame, aluminum subframe, better rear suspension linkage in the 02 models, better brakes in 01+.

I got my 426 with about 5 rides on it last year for 2700. Most 400s were about 2500 locally and each newer year 426 was about 300 more than I paid. It was a 00 that I was trying to avoid, but it was super clean! The advantage the 00 has is the SS valves vs the Ti units. the Ti units require replacement more often.

The 450s are 4sp only on the YZ, more track oriented. Better suspension, frame and ergos.

Basically if you are use to large streetbike power, you should not have much problem with the 4xx bikes. it does take throttle control on these bikes so they do not tire you out instantly. You can twist the throttle and move very quickly!

The 5sp 400 and 426s are more versatile for track and trail with the 5sp more than the 450s. But if you do get the older 400/426, plan on doing some jetting, swapping in the 450 exhaust cam and then ride!

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