kick a guy while he's down...

hey guys. long time since i been on. no internet at my house. hope to change that soon. may look into cheap local servers... beside the point...


my bro just bought a 98 yz400f. (wow, he actually bought a real bike finally !!!) :)

anyways, he has one witht the gay, low leverage kick starter. he only weighs like a buck twenty wet, so we are looking for a modern yzf kicker (not the old two-smoke looking one that's prone to breakage.) i was hoping one of you guys who went out and bought a bbr or billet kicker for looks would be willing to sell your stock kicker at a resonable price to him. a yamaha stock one is $110, and a bbr one is $170. if anyone is interested, please give me a call @ 724-282-2352 and ask for kent or lance, or e-mail call pref., cause i don't get online much right now. will pay for shipping. thanks.

oh, and by the way any body put a fresh top-end in their megathumper yet? i need one (burning oil, low compression) how much is it gonna run me, including a new clutch while i'm at it?



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