One other quick question, where is the TPS and where is the best way/place to disconnect it? (01 yzf426) As i just mentioned in the previous post I haven't got the bike yet, so I am not at all familier with the layout of its components...

thanks again.

The TPS disconnect mod I have seen posted is for the YZ450, not the 426. It may help or it may hurt. As far as I know, you would be the pioneer.

The TPS is located on the left side of the carb above the float bowl. There is a connector strapped to the frame near the carb which is where you would disconnect it.

In the 450, there is a little dip in the power curve at around 8000 rpm that is mistaken for a "hit" as it clears up. It's not an increase in power, it's the return of power. Unplugging the TPS makes the dip go away, and even though there is no actual increase in peak power, the more continuous pull makes it seem like there was. Since the 426 does not have any such anomally in the powerband, I don't know if the TPS trick would do anything at all.

If you try it, watch out for an increase in pinging or spark knock at low RPM. This can do a lot of damage to your top end, and preventing it would be one of the reasons that a TPS would be used.

I haven't tried it, or seen it tried on a 426, or heard from anyone who has. If I were you, I'd wait until you did.

Just cautious.

I think Satch disconnected the one on his 426 with positive results :thumbsup:

I disconnected but did not like the way it I hooked it back up. Not smooth (seemed to clatter and ping) on 93 octane pump gas.

Satch, was that on a 450? Hmmm, never heard of anyone else with that prob on the 450. Just wondering. TW

Tim Ferry never had one on his 426! I ma sure he always ran race gas so pinging wouldnt have been an issue. There is only one way to tell, disconnect it, see how it feels and decide for yourself if it is worth it. :thumbsup:

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