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No Front Brake Pressure When Bleeding

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I have a 2007 Yamaha R6S that I'm tuning up so I can sell it to get another dual-sport. I took all the brakes apart and cleaned and greased everything. The rear brakes seem to be okay, maybe a bit squishy, but the fronts are giving me a hell of a time. There's two front calipers that I cannot get any pressure to build up in the lines/caliper so the pistons are still fully retracted. When I bleed either caliper, there's fluid that comes out but under almost no pressure. I'm guessing I have a huge air bubble somewhere in the system. I am reusing the little crush washers on the brake lines, which I know is not recommended, but I can't see that causing the massive lack of pressure that I have. I have not taken the master cylinder bolt out to try to bleed it from there yet as I don't want to unseal that if I don't have to but that's probably my next step. Any recommendations? I plan on trying to get some of the crush washers from my local dealer today but I don't have faith that's going to solve much.

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