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2020 Yamaha YZ125 VS KTM 125SX Two Stroke

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This isn’t a shootout between the 2020 Yamaha YZ125 and the 2020 KTM 125SX; it is an unshootout. We will give you all the same facts as in a true-to-life shootout, but 125 two-strokes differ from 250 two-strokes, 250 four-strokes or 450 four-strokes in that they serve a different master. For the most part, these three groups of bikes are purebred race bikes. They have dedicated race classes where they have a chance of winning. Not so with a 125 two-stroke. Under the AMA’s convoluted double-displacement handicapping of four-strokes, the number of 125 two-strokes with a ghost of a chance of winning anything above the 125 Novice class is almost nil. That doesn’t stop guys from trying to race them. Even without racing acceptance, 125 two-strokes have found a unique audience. They have become the go-to bike of riders who just want to have fun.If you’re riding 125s for fun and pleasure, ride a YZ125. It offers enough bang for the buck to satisfy anyone looking to have fun on one of the greatest motocross machines ever made. If you’re racing a 125 to improve your skills, win races and not give up an iota of performance to the competition, race a KTM 125SX. It is a better race bike than the YZ125—and any attempt to make the YZ125 as fast, light and svelte as the 125SX will end up costing more than the $700 price differential.

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