Oversize brakes

What is the benefit?Do they run cooler?It doesn't seem like you get more braking surface or am i wrong.Who has them and which rotor.Or if they are a waste what front rotors do you guys like.



If you skipped physics class, your brakes are like levers. The hub is the fulcrum. The farther out from the fulcrum/hub (i.e. increasing rotor diameter), the more leverage you have, which results in more stopping power, not to mention with a larger diameter rotor the swept area of the brake is more resulting in a greater pad to rotor surface area further increasing brake effectiveness. Unless you find yourself running too deep into corners trying to late brake everyone at your track don't waste your money.

Buy DP mx pads and run your line cr style with a braided line and let your friends drool over your newfound braking capabilities.

Good advice.

And you also get a little more cooling since the heat is carried over a larger area. Good for motos that include long hard stops, like TT.


Don't get them if you ride in a lot of sand. You will lock up the front wheel easier(not good).

I have EBC's 280mm front rotor with a Moose SS line in front. One finger nose wheelies, no problem.. Mxrider makes good point though, it can be a handful in the loose stuff, but the extra power it provides out weighs the negative by 10 fold. I would consider the change one of the best ones you can make, dollar for dollar.

Its takes bigger brakes, to get more weight to stop.....

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I agree 100% with Bambislayer: the DP MX pads and SS brake line make a huge difference. I made these changes one at a time: the pads make the biggest difference and transform the marginal stock stopping power into 2-finger nose wheelies; the SS brake line provides a firmer level feel and better feedback/modulation of the brake.

For the tight tracks around Indiana (mostly 3rd gear) I can't imagine needing anything more. However, riders on high-speed/hard-braking tracks such as GPs, TTs or very fast MX tracks might need a bigger rotor to improve heat dissapation and reduce fade.

Steve :)

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