blown engine

well bad things finally happened to the WR. was making noise and running a little warm and then just stoped. cams galled heavily and piston scoured on intake side. wrist pin shows a little pitting/galling. had in fresh oil and no problems found so far. the only issue i have found is that a couple of the cam cover bolts were loose when i tore it down. not sure if this was cause or symptom. whats the feeling of the masses? without knowing what caused this i am hesitant to rebuild and repeat the problem. what should i look for? anyone else had this experience? what is the cheapest way to rebuild this?

Sounds like the oil is not flowing through the engine. Check for filter obstructions and all oil channels in the engine for blockage and also check that the oil pump is working and being driven. :thumbsup:

for head repair:

Mike does ABSOLUTE MAGIC. One world famous bike mechanic (I'll keep it secret...) informed me my head was trashed. E.D. fixed an "unfixable" problem.

As for the rest of your problem, I don't know. I too would think oil issue somewhere...

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