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Throttle Sticking

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I have a 2004 crf250r that has a sticking throttle. It happens at random and when it does happen i can’t push the throttle back up. I have to blip it a few times then it comes unstuck. I just replaced the throttle cables and it’s still doing it. I have an accelerator pump carb and i’ve talked to a few people and some people think it’s the sensor messing up? and it’s also dying. i’ll be riding and pull in the clutch coming into a corner and just die. It doesn’t sputter than die or anything it just dies immediately. Any ideas?

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One throttle cable pulls the throttle slide up and open and the other pulls the throttle plate down and closed. The engine does make a quite a bit of vacuum so the throttle plate can become stuck in place without the return cable. If it becomes stuck, I'd be looking at a bad guide wheels on the throttle plate, the main needle possibly getting stuck on the emulsion tube, or the vacuum plate maybe coming off the throttle body and causing some sort of obstruction. Have you checked your grip and inner assembly for rust, mud or grime causing resistance. 

Pull the carb off and inspect the path the throttle plate move along as well as the wheels. I don't know how the TPS sensor could have anything to do with the sticking throttle - seems to me it is a physical obstruction. 

The bike dying into a corner could be related depending on what's happening or it could be a mixture problem. If would expect that if your throttle stuck open, the bike would rev like crazy when the clutch was pulled in. Does it stall every time? 


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