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So im new to posting so if i posted this in the wrong place im sorry.  But I an 08 trx450er that a few weeks ago out on the trails it died, I went to start it and it sounded different it sounded like it was spinning faster but kept cranking and wouldnt start.  So I tried to bump start it and when i dumped the clutch the starter wound up and the motor didnt even attempt to turn over.  So I parked it the next day when i went to investigate the started sounded normal and actually started.  Well my neighbor has an 06 450 and I happened to be on it but the exact same thing happend exept after letting it sit his wont start.  I help him work on his bikes and i really just dont know what to think since the bike cranks.  I have a few ideas on what could have gone wrong but I'm trying to have the most knowledge I can going into this issue

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