Dimension on bearings etc .to Swing arm and linkage

Well, I have ridden my wr 426f-02 for over two years now and haven't done a thing about the bearings...

Last week-end I had about 4" of travel back... (but I still beat my friend, His confidence were pretty low afterwards...)

So I will have to change the bearings, I think I will change both in the linkage and the swing arm. I was hoping being able to dismount and install the bearings at one occasion, i.e. spare the monent to go to the local bearings dealer with the old ones, to get the new ones.- I will buy SKF bearings instead of the expensive original crap.

So, finally to the question; anyone having the dimensions etc. for the bearings, seals collars etc. ?


Carl A

good idea, kind of.....

but the sleeves also wear, I wouldnt mind betting they'll be partially rusted. The seals will also be shot, if not now definately by the time you remove them.

Do yourself a favour and go and buy the 'Pivot Works' Kits


Go and buy a pivot works pit. They are cheap and good quality.

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