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Hey just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with there bike and could point me in the right direction 

anyway starts perfect with or without the fast idle pulled out,

but once it warms up completely (roughly 3 minutes of idle) it just shuts its self down you can keep it going with the throttle or by pulling the fast idle out and doesn’t throw and DTC’s or mil lights

you can ride it and it’s fine not loss of power or anything along those lines but it try’s to shut down when you get off the throttle eg: going into a corner 

I’ve already checked

good spark- hot and cold coil

fuel pump and fuel filter good and clean.

Air filter clean- issue still there with it in or out 

fuel cap and breather not blocked 

valve clearances in spec 

compression is in spec 

spark plug has been replaced 

injector clean and working perfect 

maf sensor cleaned 



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The fast idle knob is also the idle speed adjustment. Yours probably got turned all the way in some how. Turn it counter clock wise, the idle speed should come back up and stay.

There is no idle speed servo or IAC (idle air control valve). It's manual.

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19 hours ago, Brendan Sharp said:

Sorry should of said that I’ve done that already and doesn’t help it 

you need to pull the injector body and clean it. I've seen that idle air passage clogged clear shut.


You could check the TPS values and the resistance through the range. If it's gone bad down at the bottom of the throttle range, it should throw a code on the kill button, if the voltage signal was low.

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