cam chain or something?

i bought a 00 426 a couple months ago and initially had the plug fouling problem... but i think i figured it out. but more recently ive heard a strange noise from the left side of the engine. sort of a "sssst sst" after i let off the throttle and when im revving it. it also smokes more than usual when i start it, though it stops once its warmed up... it also has started to backfire when revved. it ran great when i got and i havent touched the carb. im wondering if the cam chain is loose and screwing up the timing... any thoughts?

The cam chains have an automatic adjuster. If it was loose, then somethimg must be worn out, but I don't think so. The drive chain makes rattling noises. Look at motoman393's web site for a fix. The backfiring is a lean problem. Turn the fuel screw out a little and see if it goes away.

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