zip-ty fuel screw

just read that with a jd jetting kit u can get a zip-ty for $15, but then it says not for YZ/WR400.

do they make one for the WR400?? or are they only for 00 models upwards? :thumbsup:

Check this link: Zip Ty Racing it will take you directly to a great illustration from the Zip Ty Racing site.

In the illustration you will see the difference from the early 1st edition FCR used on YZ/WR 400s and the 2nd edition FCR used on the 426/450.

I bought the screw from TT Shop and found out later that it was for the 1st addition. Unfortunately for me I bought it in the winter and waited for a warm day to install. TT shop would not take it bake so make sure you know what you what and are getting.

By the way, I also bought the JD kit. I installed it with some of the free mods, HUGE difference.

cheers thanks for clearing that up for me!


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