04 450 Starting Question


I have gotten my new 450 broken in now, and only have one complaint. On my 00 426, I rarely ever needed to use the hot start. Only if I really crashed, or stalled it hard would I need to use it. With the 450, it seems anytime I have ridden and stopped for a while, I need to use the hot start. I have tried playing with the mixture screw a bit (stock was 1 3/4 out) but doesn't seem to have much of an affect. Are others experiencing this? The bike runs strong all over, no signs of a jetting issue.


i think that it is normal on these bikes. i use the hotstart every on occasions when i stop. but make sure that the piston is at tdc and kick it over and should start up on one kick. at least mine does.

Heck J.J. That's why they put the hot start there. I found an engine for my 450. Should have it next week. Look out I'm gonna spank ya hard now!! LOL :thumbsup:

Unless that engine you found is out of an R1, good luck! :thumbsup: I hope the seller made things right with you.

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to get out to the backyard!

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