03' Brochure.............

Well guys.......

I tried.

My dealer/sponsor gave me my go ahead/ yes the bike will be here....VERY soon. and he gave me a brochure for all of the YZ's 03'.

I tried to scan and post but my buddy's scanner is down!

I am trying to find a new scanner to pst the info on here.

Not a lot diff than yam.com but does show a good pic of the auto decompress .

I have it under my pillow if anyone wants to borrow it, You will have to leave a deposit and it is NOT a 5day rental!!!LOL

He did confirm it should be showing up in less than a couple of wks and they are only getting <h1><font color=blue><center>ONE</center></h1> and he saw NO more allocated to them even for the rest of the year!


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