Flywheel weight

Can someone point me at a manufacture for a flywheel weight for an 02 YZ 426? I primarily ride tight single track woods and a little momentum down low would be nice.


I have a Steahly (I'm not sure if that's spelled correctly) 12 oz. weight on my 01' 426, and I love it!!!

I mostly ride tight wooded trials also, and the weight works great.


Steahly makes the best flywheel weights or replacement flywheels. I just put a 14 oz flywheel on my yz426 and it made the bike so much easier and fun to ride in tight woods. Much more traction and the bike is almost impossible to stall even running the stock gearing (14/49).

Anyone have contact info for stealhy? Web site or phone numbers?


I just added a flywheel and stator off a wr400 onto my yz400. You get a heavier flywheel and lighting to boot. Bonus.

Electrex reworks them to work with the YZ cdi. They charge $300 for the setup. I rode mine last week and loved it. You dont really notice the increased flyewheel weight until you get into the tight twisty's. Then its really nice. It seems to rev and run like stock. So it should still work ok for the limited motocrossthat I do.

$300 is more than some of the "weight kits" out there. But if you ever wanted lights. This is the setup.

ZipTy racing also offers a kit that you can get 3 different weights 8/10/12..I think,with all of the installation equipment needed. I have a ZipTy 12oz weight on my 01'426, makes trail/woods/mx sooo much better, not sure when the last time my bike stalled was..but it was long ago.

I use the Steahly complete flywheel with 14oz weight all ready installed ( $200 )on my YZ426F

I love it and still have the stock flywheel that I could put back on but dont see any reason to


Stealy Off Road

3850 Pioneer Rd. Medford, OR. 97501

Phone: 541-535-4896

Fax: 541-535-4881

Toll Free- 800-800-2363

8:00am - 6:00pm PT Mon - Thurs

8:00am - 4:00pm PT Fridays

Closed Sat. and Sun.

UsedToBeFast I have a complete 12 oz. weighted Steahly flywheel that I will sale you for $150. I will also throw in my flywheel puller since I am selling my bike and no longer need it. This flywheel is for a 2001 yz426 but it is more than likely the same flywheel that is used for the 02.

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Hey Ill take it for 150 if usetobefast doesnt.

Im over here in Lake County but Im a member of Dirt Diggers North and am in Sac for meetings on the second and fourth monday of every month.

If you emailed your address I could pick it up. July 8 would be next one.


Did you ever sell that flywheel weight? I am interesed if you still have it. Let me know. I am in Texas so shipping would probably be necessary.



I havent sold it yet, but I gave Dirtdgr first shot at it. If he doesnt want it your next :) , I should know within a couple of days.

Send me an email so when I find out I will let you know.

Email address:


Dirtdgr check your pm's.

I have a zip-ty 14oz weight installed on the stock flywheel from my 2001 yz426. I am running the Electrec Dakar dual sport kit now so I don't need it any more. I have the entire kit, spacer and bolts. I don't need it anymore and lots of people seem to be asking for them so I thought I would put it out there for $150, Buyer pays shipping.

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