Tyres for wr450f 04

What tyres do you guys recommend for me on the wr, as I have heard the std Dunlops are rubbish. So far I've done 200+ miles, 50/50 on pavement and hard packed MX tracks.

It will be getting wetter here soon, so the off road will become muddier.

any favourites out there for these conditions

For soft to medium packed conditions, the Michelin S12 is excellent. They wear very well and stick like glue :thumbsup:

For moist conditions run a Dunlop D756 front and IRC M5B rear. I actually run this setup year round. The M5B is about $50 from my local Yami shop. :thumbsup:

Anything else for harder conditions! Although this is the UK its scorching here at the moment and the tracks are very hard. The Michelin sounds good. I find the front std dunlop washes out on hard pack. Is this tyre good for any conditions or should I just junk it??

Pirelli MT21 & MT18 for dual sport! :thumbsup:

Michelin S12 for soft to medium off road only use! :awww:

Maxxis IT is a great all around tire. :thumbsup:

S12 here and love them :thumbsup:

I'm totally happy with Maxxis IT's. I ride from Baja to single track woods stuff in Washington and Oregon and they work well everywhere and they wear better than any tire I've used or any tires my friends use.. The Maxxis wore about twice as well as the Dunlop 739AT's which are supposed to be the "greatest Baja tire". :awww: And you can get a set for under $100.00. :thumbsup: If you're in a lot of slime some others my be a little better but for all purpose I think they are the best bang for the buck. Big Jim :lol: :lol:

Maxxis IT is a great all around tire.

I agree great tires... And cheap too...

I'm runnin the Bridgestone 601/602 combo on my bike.. I think I'm the only one that uses this combo..

I have Michelin M-12 front and back. They are great. :thumbsup:

Pirelli MT44 front and Kenda Millville 120 out back. Had S12's but the rocks were too much for the thin Michelin sidewall. 2nd year with this combo, I have found what works for me in my particular riding area. See my setup below. My .02 WR Dave. :thumbsup:

Just curious, has anyone here tried the Bridgestone M-25

front tire for soft terrian? Looks like a porky pine or giant sandspur!

Seems like it would be great in soft sand/mud.

DD :thumbsup:

I also will put in a vote for the Maxxiss IT tires. I run ALL Nevada desert and sierra riding and they hold up about two time slonger than the factory Dunlop that comes on the WR450. So, I get about 600 miles out of a Maxxis instead of 250-300 out of the Dunlop. I have not tried anything else on the WR yet. The only downside to Maxxis IT tires is that they are tough to put on!!

is there a website that sells the Michelin S12 for cheap? I know these tires are a little pricy.

try rockymountainmc.com. michelins have come down in price as of late.

I've used the M25 in sand and it handles awesome!

My preference is MS2 Michelin front and S12 rear. I find the MS2 is more versitile from soft to hard pack and doesn't lose its edge, I also dont think any other rear hooks like an s12 both in hardpak and slop.

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