Spoke missing in rear wheel

I am new to dirtbikes and recently purchased a '99 YZ 400 with a spoke missing in the rear wheel. Since I am new, I don't do much jumping on the MX track. Do I need to get the spoke replaced right away, or will it be alright for now since I am pretty easy on the bike. I already bought the spoke set (no one sold them individually), but haven't had a chance to take the bike to the shop. I was quoted $260 to replace the spoke and true the wheel, but that sounded very high. As a safety precaution, I zip-tied the spokes together where they cross on the rear wheel.

Just replace the one spoke, you dont have to break the whole wheel down for one spoke. You will only have to break down one side of the tire and then feed the spoke thru and tighten, check the length as you may have to pull the spoke back out and shorten it slightly.

Man that is one expensive respoke job, was that parts and labor.

Buy the spoke from the dealer and put it in yourself! Get a 12 pack and put 11 in the fridge. Open beer. Take off the back tire and re-install the back wheel with out the chain on. Take a magic marker and hold it next to the rim while you spin it. Where there is ink thats the high spot. Loosen the spokes next to the mark and tighten up the opposite side. Open beer. If you keep at it you'll have a trued wheel and a load on. I usally continue on and try and mount the tire. 50% of the time I pinch the tube when inebriated. Good Luck!

Ask here before you buy a whole set of spokes. I needed a couple last year, and so did a buddy, so we went in 1/2 on a set & divided em up. I sent Motoman393 a spoke a few weeks ago. Usually, if you ask here, somebody will have a spoke. Later....

Hey Mark,

Did the threads of the spoke break off inside the nipple or did the spoke just fall out? I cant remember how it was, since your bike was at the shop last week. If there are no threads inside the nipple...replacing the spoke will take 5 minutes, because all you do is slide the spoke in through the hub and tighten it.

If the threads broke off in the nipple then you must take the tire off and put a new nipple in the rim. If you havent taken a tire off before...it isnt hard, just time consuming.

For just one spoke you dont need to true the wheel. BTW $260 seems REAL high I can help you out after work sometime this week. Just let me know either by email or stop by the Yamaha shop. Good Luck,


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