Does anyone want to know where the YAMAHA Test track is?

I found out where the secret Yamaha test track is by looking at a "Chad Reed woops" artical in a Transworld Magazine. I recognized the Corona California hills (my backyard) in the background of the articals. My buddy and I drove around and found the track. There was Chad Reed on the track, Danny Smith, Mike Brown, and others practicing. I asked Danny if we can watch, he replied "sure!" he even gave us trail riding directions to the track. The YAMAHA Guys are great. Here are the directions from I15/91: South on the 15, exit Weirick road, make a left, left on temescal canyon road. You will see a beet up road on the right, in back of a concrete construction company. You will see the track on top of the hill on your left. Don't be shy, the road is a public road. The Honda, Kawi track are also in walking disstance. I hope they don't get mad about this.

crf I read somewhre on here that you now have a yz 450? How do you like it?? Im selling my crf 450 and getting an 05 yzf 450 soon as they come out.

Love it! it is so smooth and powerfull, suspension is smooth, bike is very light.

crf, how does the yami compare to the honda?

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