E series pro meg question.

It uses the stock style gasket. If you got that pipe from Rvanlier, he got it from me. It uses the 2000 model, spacer style gasket.

You should be able to get one from any Yamaha dealer.

I did buy it from him. It will fit my 01 right? I will pick up a gasket. I know you love your Thunder Alley and I wanted to get one, but after the ceramic coating it would have been like $450, which I am spending instead on gold valves which I think will be a better use of the $. Did you like this pipe? Was it that much better than stock? Do you think the promeg is a better pipe than the s-bend? I know the e series in general increases low end, but I was thinking buy the pro meg(more on top than s bend according to wtb) and run a 50 tooth sprocket and have the best of both worlds; what do think?

I asked him to mail it to me and I would send a check, but I have not heard back from him. I hope my assumptions are right because it is basically a done deal.

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I just bolted the pipe right up . there is a type of gasket on the inside lip of the pipe . I just tightened the clamp and no leaks were found . I sent the pipe out today at about 4:00 pm . It was on my 01 YZ426 you will have to use your stock rubber mounts and bolts . It is a perfect fit . I know you will enjoy it .

How did you send it. USPS or what? I will put a check in the mail tomorrow the 26th. Thanks.


USPS priority mail .

I just bought an series pro meg exhaust for my 426 off this board and want to know if there is an exhaust gasket which I have to replace to install it on the stock headpipe or will it just bolt right up?


Bambi youll be happy im sure. It was a good pipe. I was just stoked on my thunder alley. That E-Series is a good pipe. With the 50 tooth sprocket you'll have all the bottom end your little heart will desire.

Rock on my thumpin brutha's :)

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