Flip-Flop front sprocket???

Need some advice... I'm noticing that the teeth on the front sprocket are bent back a little bit, so I was wondering if there are any problems flip flopping it so that they wear in the other direction? Could this cause any problems? The rear sprocket looks fine, so I am wondering so that I might be able to get some more life out of them before I buy all new. Thanks.

go ahead and replace it. if you turn it around you'll probably start breaking teeth off.

Or worse.....don't be cheap, you prob'ly need a new chain and rear sprocket as well....

The teeth on the rear sprocket all look fine, nice and strait, the chain seems ok, haven't ridden it enough to see if its stretching or not. I guess Ill leave well enough alone for now and shell out the $$$ for a set of sprockets and a chain when I get the elusive $$$.

I have never heard of this being worth doing. I think there is no benifit. But I understand the reasoning. :thumbsup:

The chain and rear sprocket last twice the front as the front travels much more time that the back sprocket. Gen new front. It is cheep. When you wear the second front change all as a set.

Just like Sabin said :thumbsup: I normally go through 2-3 front sprockets for a rear and a chain. I have flipped a front sprocket before without problems, but I knew that the chain was going to be replaced in the near future so wasnt worried about any adverse effects it may have. Sounds like a good excuse to experiment with some different gearing :awww:

I never thought of it that way, the front sprocket doing 2-3 times more travel, but it makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

just divide your rear sprocket by your front sprocket !! :thumbsup:

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