450F Plastic on a 426

Does anyone know if it will be possible to adapt the 45f Plastic and seat to a 426 chassis? It looks so much nicer, and a little slimmer.. ?

Why? :) What I would be asking is if the '02 plastic fit the '03!!

No way.. hehe... I definitly think the new 03 look is slick. The WR actually looks great too. I just would like to know if the airbox, side panels, tank and shrouds fit. Is the frame the same?

I don't think the frame is the same, and if it was, I doubt everything would fit.

Why don't you just get the 03, then everyone will be happy!! :):D

[ June 26, 2002: Message edited by: RedRider110 ]

Believe me a WR450 is in the works, but see, so is a new house, Maybe a Move to Arizona, Wedding, WR250F for the fiance, and hopefully another business. So... lol.. I'm going to be broke for a while, and I'd love to revive the look of the 'ol 426, while I deal with everything else. If Yamaha wouldn't have dropped the E-start and made the WR look so damn good I would have planned on keeping the YZ426 for a long time, but.... Them darn marketing guru's got to me again.. haha. :-) I've also realized that I really enjoy hauling A$$ through the woods allot more than getting passed by 13 year old 80 pro's .. hehe..


Have you given any thought to the yellow plastic and graphics for your 02 sled? I saw one the other day at the track, very cool looking!! I'm hoping it will be available for the 03

Absolutely! I just saw a '02 YZ125 at the local dealer done in the yellow "Hannah" look. It looked pretty sweet.

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