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Hey All,

what number do you al have your WS (wheel size) set to? The little manual says 2205. If it matters, I'm running a 90 90 21 Dunlop 606 front tire.



To get the most accurate setting, set it up for your 'exact' tire. First put your bike on level ground with plenty of free space ahead. Then get yourself a piece of chalk or soap and place a mark on the side of the front tire where it joins the ground and continue the mark to the ground so the mark on your front tire lines up with the mark on the ground. Then roll the bike forward so the tire makes three revolutions and make sure the mark on the front tire is lined up in the same general area with the ground as the first mark. Then chalk the ground accordingly and measure the distance between the two marks. Take that number and divide it by 3 and convert it to inches. Then multiply that answer by 25.4 to convert inches to milimeters and that's the number you'll use.

You don't have to make three revolutions, but it might improve the accuracy a bit (more samples). Let's say the distance between your marks after 3 revolutions is 260.43 inches (21.7 feet). Then take 260.43" / 3 = 86.81". Now take your 86.81" inches and multiply it by 25.4 and you'll get 2205. This is just an example, but this method will get you fairly accurate results based on your specific tire.

I am running the a Pirelli MT18 80/100 21 and a friend of mine has a 606, we are both set at 2146 and are spot on.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

I did mine with the rollout method and it seems to be within 1MPH compared to my GPS. The number I got wouldn't help you, because I have a 17" front wheel.

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