Changes in XR650R from 2000 to 2004?

Can somebody tell me the differences in the XR650R for the past few years. I'm looking for a 2000 or newer and wanted to know the differences between the years. Thanks.


I am also looking for a '00-'02 XR650R....

I was wondering if there were any first year quirks or defects that went into these things that I should look out for? Any weak spots?

Oh, yeah some weak spots, but easily fixed !!! The clutch bushing on the early ones seems to be the worst thing.

Read all about known problems and fixes for the XR650 at:

i've got a 2000 and the only thing thats buggered up on me is the countershaft seal blew (about 5 bucks and 20 min to change) i think any of the bikes with the clutch bushing issue have probably had it fixed by now, i think mine is fine *knock on wood*. All the parts are interchangeable, different graphics is about all except for the oil seal and clutch bushing.

The quick answer is that for 2002 Honda changed the counter-shaft seal, and clutch hub bushing design. All that's different from 2002-2004 is graphics....

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